Tackle It Tuesday–never ending dishes

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This is my very first Tackle It Tuesday.  So forgive me if I don’t do it right…now on with the show.

So I have 1 hubby, 4 kids, 7 blogs, and a partridge in a pear tree…no…no partridge…but I am busy.  The one thing I am always behind on are the dishes, which is bad.  But Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  And all of you mothers out there who have fixed Thanksgiving dinner know, you must have a clean kitchen are there is never enough room.  Just yesterday, my kitchen was spotless…no messes, no dishes on the counter, nothing.  But this morning, DISASTER.  There are dishes everywhere…well maybe not that bad…but it seems like it since I have to start making Thanksgiving goodies.  MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm…spiced walnut, choc. chip cookies, deviled eggs, veggie tray, BBQ little smokies…mmmmmmmm.  uuuuuuuugggggggg…I hate dishes. 

Well, there ya go.  I am tackling pre-holiday dishes.  Next week I will probably be tackling post-holiday dishes.  It is a good thing we have a dishwasher….me!

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5 responses to “Tackle It Tuesday–never ending dishes

  1. yum, the goodies sound ymmy! Happy TT

  2. athomewithkris

    Oh, this sounds like MY kitchen … clean one minute and dirty the other 1439 minutes of the day … LOL! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  3. I hear ya on the dishes! I am grateful I have a dishwasher!

  4. palofmine

    hate Tackle it Tuesday! This day means I have to get off my butt and actually do something! I have an excuse though, Im on antibiotics and steriods for sinusitis! Oh well come look at what I need to do before Thursday!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. I long for a kitchen with TWO dishwashers. I’d never have to put anything away.

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