Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Welcome to another wonderful tackle it tuesday.  I am sorry I don’t have any pictures.  My camera batteries decided to go dead on me this morning.  But hopefully you can imagine my tackling. 

So this week, I am officially going to start loosing weight.  One way I am going to do that is to throw away all the candy we have in our house.  That may not sound like much, but we still have A TON of halloween candy—and I am a cheap skate.  If any of you out there are cheap skates like me, you know that throwing anything away that is still good is quite difficult to do.  And we still have about 3 bags of candy on top of our kids candy they “earned” on halloween.  It is just so yummy. 

Yea…I love chocolate.  Can’t help it.  But it doesn’t love me back.  And I have enough junk in my trunk for about 4 halloweens.  But that is what I am going to tackle today.  So now that you have empowered me to throw out some very yummy in my tummy candy, go and see who else needs some help tackling their tuesday!

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2 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday

  1. palofmine

    Happy Early Worless Wednesady, or Happy Wordless Tuesday, to some. I have some done, but I still need to re-pack for my cruise Dec 8! I pack once, then do a once over a week before! Im going with BFF!!! WOO HOOO! I also have my Wednesday up already too! Come visit me!

  2. Well done to you for making that decision. I’m the same as you – I can’t throw out anything good so I give it away to other people lOL

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