Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Yea…we got snow…covered with sleet…packed with ice.  I know…I know…we did get it on Saturday.  But snow is just so cold.  Well, it is. 

Anyway, it is what I have to tackle today.  I guess I am hoping that due to lazy and above 30 temperatures, the ice will just break apart and I can simply shove it aside.  My hubby is (hopefully) going to get some salt so we don’t go sliding on our butts.  I will do it.  I have to.  I know you want to see a picture of the finished product.  It will be good exercise, right?  Isn’t that what this particular blog is about…living a fantastically full, fat, chunky, funky life. 

Snow was more fun when I was a kid.

Check out the other fantastic tackling blogs.  I bet theirs are warmer.

 These are the before shot of my steps.  So inviting…so icy.



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7 responses to “Tackle It Tuesday

  1. You’re so lucky to have snow. My kids have not yet seen snow.

  2. athomewithkris

    I don’t envy you your tackle today, but I do wish that you could just pack up a bunch of that snow and send it to us. My kids love to play in it, but we never get enough here in ole east Tennessee!


  3. Wow, you did get some snow! Good luck!

  4. I so know that feeling….we just got rid of our first 6 inches….gearing up for more to dump later this week.

  5. Yesterday I walked my dog somewhere around three miles, coming home from the dealership where I’d left my car for repairs. The temperature was 26 degrees. I thought I was so smart, wearing a tee shirt covered by two sweatshirts, a down coat, a hat, gloves and a scarf. The adventure confirmed my long-held belief that I’m no more of a cold person than I am a morning person. Cold is okay, as long as it stays outside while I’m inside.

  6. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!

    Being from Minnesota, I can appreciate that beautiful white stuff. We, too, have some. Our temperatures are in the 20s, though, so my hubby will have to be out there shoveling. (At least it isn’t me!)


    Blessings, Beckie :o)

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