Holiday Food Switcheroonie

39109c.jpgAlright ladies…if you are anything like me, I love me a good slice of cake and maybe some egg nog on the side.  MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm…eggnog. 

But-did you know-just 1 slice of gingerbread cake and 1 8oz. glass of eggnog is…are you ready….606 calories and 31 g. total fat….yea…i know…can you believe it.

But-did you also know-that if you did a switeroonie to 1 slice of angel food cake and 1 8 oz. glass of hot chocolate, it is….152 calories and 3 g. total fat….yea…i know…i can’t believe the difference either. 

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So now that I have that thought in your head, I bet you (as well as myself) will think twice before you reach for that Christmas cookie. 

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One response to “Holiday Food Switcheroonie

  1. Umm no not really I’m still gonna go with the Christmas cookies. I only get those once a year if I make them. Got to enjoy a few things in life. Life is just to short and sweet to obsess over every little thing you put in your mouth.

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