Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme 

With the whole family (including hubby…he gets a Christmas break from his work too…awesome I know) home for the holidays, my blogging took a back seat.  I have hundreds of e-mails to trudge through, I have 6 blogs to update, I have a contest I am starting, and I still have the chaos of Christmas to clean up.  So tonite I must stay up late for the blogging.  Tomorrow I must clean like a mad woman cause the toys and mess and disorganization is driving me crazy…crazier than I normally am.  But now that I have shared that, I must get back to my e-mails.  I think I finally broke into the 200’s.  And while you are catching up on your blogging, go and check out everyone else who is tackling something this week.

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  1. The holiday season can be very rushed. I was out of town for most of it, which is great, but once I arrived back, I had to catch up on everything.

    But, spending time with family, sharing the kitchen, and excellent conversation, are all part of the holiday fun.

    As you’re cleaning up, you won’t be the only one…………….:)

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