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Walmart isn’t so bad.

Walmart really isn’t so bad.  We live in small town Iowa, so we have a limited selection for clothing (or anything else for that matter).  A couple of weeks ago I was there just running errands and my hubby calls me.  He asks me, no, he demands me to come home with some new clothes for myself. 


But I don’t wanna.  Then I have to face the fact that I no longer have baby weight–I am just fat.  Plus, Walmart is not going to have my size (yea…i know…i can’t believe I got that big too!)  But they did.  It was the largest size they had, but they had my size.  It was kind of nice…in a Walmarty kind of way.

So in the end, I came home with a pair of jeans (no elastic….how exciting…and sexy), a couple of t-shirts, and even a sweater.  It was awesome…ya know…in a Walmarty kind of way.

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