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Exercising before I even TOUCH my computer!!!

1exerciser1.jpgThat is what I am going to do from now on.  As soon as I get on my computer, I am in blogging mode (and it doesn’t help that I am just alittle addicted to blogging–just ask my hubby).  So this morning, I took a longing glance at my computer, then did some exercising.  It wasn’t much (due to the fact that I am REALLY out of shape and have a baby guunt–that is my tummy—or what used to be my tummy).  It was only stretching.  But I figured I should be able to move for the real exercising.  But it did take me 10 minutes to do the basic stretches and I was sweating and out of breath.  How sad…but I guess I have to start somewhere.  But I did it.  And I ate a healthy breakfast of banana, coffee, and fruit chips.  YUM!

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I did it!

Stay tuned for our story of the night…Reformed Cold Wussie Does Ice Pick Exercise…news at 11.

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The Next Big Workout is…

1exerciser1.jpgICE PICKING– yea, you heard me.  My hubby is a welder and so he got romantical and welded me a 20+ lbs, 5 ft tall ice pick.  Yea…it has become a battle between me and the ice pick–the bastard is winning.  This thing is kicking my butt.  I joined this challenge just last week.  I did the ice pick workout from the devil Wed., Thurs., and Fri.  I could barely lift my arms and my butt hurt like a son of a donkey.  You must try it.

I may not be making much headroom on my driveway and sidewalks (i have chipped about a total of 4 steps and 2 square feet of it), but HOLY COW…can I feel it in my glutius really maximus!

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Burn 100 calories by…


I did a post earlier this week about some sweet treats you can have for only 100 calories…yummy.

Now, here are some simple ways to burn that 100 calories off so it never happened…except for the yummy.

  • Take a 10 minute jog.
  • Climb up and down some stairs for 15 minutes.
  • Ice skate for 20 minutes.
  • Vacuum your carpets and mop your floors for 25 minutes (I wish it only took 25 minutes).
  • Lift light weights for 1/2 hour.
  • Play catch with your kids for 35 minutes.
  • Go grocery shopping for 40 minutes.

And most of these things I know you are already doing.  So have a light beer and vacuum, baby!


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