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Tales From The Scales Weigh In—please don’t hate me…

talesseptemberbannerlong.jpgWelcome back everyone.  So I am going to make this short and sweet.  I did horribly at eating right.  I did so horribly in fact that I didn’t even weigh myself.  And exercise…uuummm…no.  But on the bright side…or the “I can’t believe it happened to me” side–my large girth put a dent in my hubby’s floor tool chest.  Oh yes I did…you can laugh…it is funny…funny cause it didn’t happen to you.  Yea…maybe that will be the thing that makes me actually start caring about losing some real weight.  Or maybe the fact I am almost too fat for Walmart clothes.  God…I can’t believe it.  Too fat for Walmart!  Whatever. 

oh…by the way…just click on the picture to go to the Tales From The Scales and see how everyone else is doing.  Or just CLICK HERE.

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